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Product Marketing

I created the "Why It Works" section of the Second Funnel website to explain a specific use case for Second Funnel: Gift Guides. The content is adapted from a talk I gave at an eCommerce technology conference held by the National Retail Federation.



When someone is shopping for a friend or a loved one, they might not know what to get. They'd probably like some help deciding.


They need to be inspired!

Finding the perfect gift should be fun and easy. It's a discovery process that usually ends with an "I know it when it see it" moment.

Content inspires us.

Beautiful imagery triggers emotion and sparks desire. That's why catalogs and social sites like Pinterest and Instagram work so well.


But it's hard to browse content on an eCommerce site.

Inspiring content is often hidden, hard to reach, or not there at all. Product grids are good for drilling down, but they aren't great for discovery and they do little to inspire gift ideas.  


makes it easy to browse and shop inspiring content


Our dynamic 'feed + overlay' interface is modeled after Pinterest and Instagram — places where people already enjoy spending lots of time consuming content and gathering inspiration.


By combining beautiful imagery with a better interface, we significantly improve performance.

when A/B tested against the equivalent category pages


Increase in time spent on the site


Lift in conversion rate 


Lift in Revenue per Visitor