on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure

Back home

Well, I made it to the other side.  

Long-distance air travel amazes me. It really is a miracle of human invention. On Tuesday I went for a run along Ipanema and Copacabana beach, then, later that night, I fell asleep on an airplane and woke up in a different hemisphere.

Yesterday was my first day back in Canada. I applied to renew my passport, got a new driver's licence, had lunch with my family, visited my grandparents, and went to the gym. It's incredible how easy it is to snap back into living here.

My plan is to stay here for a couple weeks while I wait for my new passport. The weather is nice and the days are long. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and family. 

Like in Rio and Buenos Aires, I've set up a work routine here. Today I rented an desk at a coworking space. And while I won't be able to run along the beach, I can run up and down the forested escarpment. 

June 2016, here we go. 


Marco Pacifico