on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure


My head has been foggy for the last three days and I’m pretty sure I know why: My sleep is being disrupted because I stare at my phone, sometimes for hours, before I go to bed. This means I get less hours of sleep and a poor quality of sleep. 

On top of that, I’ve started each of the last three days by reading and watching news reports and status updates related to the Orlando shooting. I feel sad, I cry, and then I get angry. This adds a layer of emotional exhaustion. I think it's important to learn about what's happening and feel these feelings, but do I need to do it before I've even gotten out of bed?

When it’s time to do work, I notice that my thinking is scattered and it’s hard for me to focus. I'm distracted because I'm compelled to overuse my phone. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, email — why do I need to check these things so often? 

I like having a phone again. In some ways it’s like regaining superpowers. But the benefits are coming at the expense of my focus, my clarity of thinking, and my productivity. For example, I’ve sort of read from a book since getting my phone back, in that my eyes have seen the text and I’ve progressed through the pages. But how much information have I retained? How many pages (paragraphs?) do I read before the impulse to check my phone becomes too great to ignore?

I know that I need to limit my phone usage. I know that if I keep these bad habits then I'm unlikely to achieve any of my goals. But I'm finding it very difficult to stop. I'm worried because I'm honestly not sure what to do about it. 

Marco Pacifico