on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure

on to the next adventure

Planning for May

Walking back from Fitz Roy Mountain to the town of El Chaltén in Patagonia. 

This is my last month in Paradise — I'd better make it count. 

One of the benefits of traveling or living in a new place is that new experiences happen all the time, usually whether you plan them or not. But still — it's important to plan these things. Otherwise time slips by and you look back and realise you didn't do much with it.

This is what I let happen during most of my time in Buenos Aires. I didn't make a serious effort to "do things" until the last week or two, and that made all the difference. (I have no regrets about this, but it's no coincidence that my most enjoyable time in BA was near the end of my stay.) Probably as a result, maybe as an overcompensation, April was jam-packed with new experiences. I think I went out almost daily and I went on two trips: Salvador and Sao Paulo. 

My method for planning is to simply make a list that answers the question: what do I want to do this month? Or what do I want this month to be about? Making the list is the easy part. The crucial step, however, is where — and when — the action happens. I have to put each thing on the list in the calendar, blocking off the time I need. Then I can go buy the airplane or bus tickets, or know that I need to wake up early on this day to do what I want to do. 

Linking an action to a time is what makes things happen. It's as simple as that. 

So what do I want May to be about? I want May to be about self improvement and reflection. What that means exactly is blocking off time to develop skills and acquire knowledge in areas I find important. It also means keeping my mind clear and focused. The lifestyle I've set up here in Rio is perfectly suited to productivity and wellness, and I want to take full advantage of that before my inevitable return to a state of flux.

In terms of places, I'm interested in natural environments — jungle hikes and beaches.

Marco Pacifico